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Muffie Fulton

Travels from: Silicon Valley, California

Expertise: Science, modernist cuisine, molecular gastronomy, food travel.


Muffie Fulton the founder of Bold Food, teaches the science of cooking to adventurous cooks and organizes culinary vacations all over the world. Fulton spent her academic career studying neuroscience and her professional career in biotech global supply chain management. Both careers, in unexpected ways, prepared her to start her own business as a culinary educator and tour operator.When Fulton, always a voracious cookbook reader, picked up a copy of Chef Ferran Adria’s celebrated A Day at el Bulli, she was surprised by how much overlap there was between what high-end chefs were doing and her own scientific training. At the time, no one was teaching non-professionals the foundations of modernist cooking, so Fulton took it upon herself to learn these difficult techniques. In 2015, she began teaching classes in Los Altos, California to demonstrate to other home cooks how to use modernist techniques, like sous vide, spherification, hydrocolloids, foams, smoking guns, and fluid gels, to make food look and taste as good as possible.One of the benefits of Fulton’s corporate experience was traveling all over the world and seeing modernist techniques in use at the world’s top restaurants. As she traveled, Fulton immersed herself in each country’s culinary culture, using her well-honed organizational skills to create weekend food trips for herself and her colleagues. Today, Fulton curates exhaustive culinary tours around the world with a combination of top-rated restaurants and local food experiences on the itinerary.

Cooking Classes and Culinary Vacations:

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