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Mariana Faerron

Travels from: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Expertise: Coffee roasting, coffee brewing, coffee sourcing, agriculture, sustainability, tea, coffee tasting, coffee quality, coffee service and experience.

Mariana Faerron is an international professional from Costa Rica with extensive knowledge and experience in Agricultural Economics, international development and trade. She holds a degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Costa Rica, and a degree in Business Administration.

After spending several years in the micro lending, consumer goods and biotech industries, she moved to the Bay Area to start her current venture, Tico Coffee Roasters based in Campbell, CA. Tico Coffee Roasters is a boutique company that specializes in unique and exclusive coffees and the finest teas from around the world. Coffees are hand roasted in small batches and the teas are carefully curated to guaranteeing product freshness and consistency.    

She is passionate about helping companies, restaurants and cafes to provide a unique experience, customer satisfaction and increase profits with top nosh products and training.

Mariana Faerron has contributed and donated her time to The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, Global Women Leadership Network to support women development and leadership around the world. She is part of the California Program for Entrepreneurship (CAPE) from the Leavey School of Business in Santa Clara University where she serves as a mentor and a judge for the annual program. She is also actively involved in the Latino community to develop educational programs for the Latino Youth. She is part of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

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