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Camper English

Travels from: San Francisco, California

Expertise: Cocktail science, cocktail history, whiskey, scotch whisky, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, cognac, ice, amaro, distilling.

Camper English is an international cocktails and spirits writer and educator. His work has appeared in Popular Science, Cook’s Illustrated, Whisky Advocate, Saveur, Details, the LA Times Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other publications. He hosts

Camper is a popular speaker at cocktail conventions and his specialty is the science and history of alcohol and mixed drinks. He has given seminars on geeky topics including the 400 year history of the Gin & Tonic, the science of bitterness, prehistoric cocktail technology, the medicinal history of liqueurs, and the relationship between bugs and booze. Camper pioneered a method to make clear ice that’s now used around the world and he has given dozens of talks about ice, including one time in Iceland.

Camper has visited more than 130 distilleries, blending houses, and bodegas in over twenty countries. He is a judge of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and has been the U.S. and Canada polling coordinator for the World's 50 Best Bars for many years.



Camper and his presentation were very interesting - he is clearly a subject matter expert. Made me want to explore this theme more! One of the highlights of tales for me!

So amazing! We were so impressed not only with the style of the presentation but the content. The format. Everything. Amazing.

This seminar could not have been better unless it was 3 hours long. Camper’s personality & teaching style is an honor to be around. More bitters & more Camper!!

Very interesting tasting seminar. Super bar-nerdy which is a good thing. Very informative about the safety and taste of the ingredients in bitters.


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