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Welcome Industry Professionals

We are honored to have you apply to join our roster of speakers. As the premiere speaker’s bureau for epicureans, our mission is to celebrate the professionals in the food, drink and hospitality industry. We want to bring your passion, stories and expertise closer to hearts and minds.

From notable speakers and personalities, to up-and-coming professionals, we look forward here to hosting the industry. While many may be regarded as outstanding in their field, our focus is to hone in on your ability to enrich, inspire, and entertain an audience. The pièce de résistance is your ability to serve up food for thought.

Speaker Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in working with Food Wine Speak, where do I start?

Welcome! To get started, use this form to provide us with pertinent details about your background and expertise.

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I already have a publicist, does that preclude me from working with you?

Not at all! Food Wine Speak is a venue to promote and continually build your brand. It provides you with more visibility to the general public. We do not exclusively represent talent. We are a platform to promote professionals and make connections to opportunities. We welcome inquiries from publicists as well who would like to promote their clients, this is the platform to do so. The ecosystem thrives when we all work together.

After I apply to Food Wine Speak, what happens next?

All information submitted to our office will be reviewed by our team and sensitive information is always kept confidential. We will confirm receipt of your material. For industry professionals who meet our criteria, you will be added to our database. Those who qualify may also be added to our external speaker pages. Submitting information does not guarantee speaking engagements.

How does the process work?

Our goal at Food Wine Speak is to know our speakers intimately to make the best recommendations to prospective clients and ultimately pair the best expert with each event. Should suitable speaking engagements arise, and the prospective client express interest in hiring you for their engagement, we will reach out with an invitation. From there we appreciate a fast response. If it’s a go, we will then provide you with a contract for the event and confirm upon confirmation from the client.

Do I have to accept all engagement offers?

Accept speaking engagements that comfortably fit your schedule and ones that you are interested in. You are not obligated to accept all offers. It is of highest importance that you only accept offers that you can 100% deliver on. You do not want to tarnish your brand, nor ours, by failing to meet your commitment. There are financial obligations and penalties as well outlined in your contact. Our goal is for client engagements to be wildly successful, as the start of the show, ensure that you can shine.

How does payment work?

It is in our interest to negotiate the best rate for your engagement. We use the details you submitted regarding your fee or fee range when communicating with prospective clients. As a small business ourselves, we of course need to keep the lights on and pay the rent. For our work promoting and placing you in opportunities, we take an industry standard 15% cut from the speaker fee. You will receive a 50% deposit to secure the engagement, the final installment will be the remaining amount. Your travel expenses are billed separately and reimbursed by the client. Engagements that fall under Experts or Experiences, additional services offered by Food Wine Speak, fees and payments are structured accordingly and detailed in contracts. Issued contracts for Speaking, Experts and Experiences will provide the most current details. For those speakers who are highly talented but just starting out on the speaking circuit and whose fees are below the base threshold, we review these opportunities on a case by case basis to see how we can best work together for everyone’s success.

Do you handle travel arrangements to speaking engagements?

Most speakers have expressed the interest to handle their own travel and transportation. We do not book travel, lodging or transportation at this time but our team will communicate details with you regarding the requirements around your engagement. Once finalized we will provide your itinerary to the client to keep everyone in the loop. For reimbursement by the client, all receipts must be saved and submitted.

What obligations do I have to the client beyond the speaking engagements?

Your contract should cover all obligations for the engagement you’ve been hired for. We believe in the highest level of service, utmost courtesy and respect and only work with individuals who hold the same ethical standard. In addition when you are hired to deliver a talk, clients are expecting your full attention, presence and engagement. We do our best to capture requirements and requests from the client that may extend beyond the actual speaking time and include these details in the contract so that expectations are set from the get-go. Should a new request arise during the engagement, a smile and being helpful can make a world of difference. We appreciate your effort to work with the client’s request and do your best to accommodate them within reason. Should you be at that juncture, give us a call we are here to help.

What if I have to unexpectedly cancel my engagement?

We hope cancellations do not happen and hope you take all steps to mitigate a cancellation from occurring. Organization invest lots of dollars and time to promote your participation in their engagement, as do private events who set expectations with guests. When applying to join Food Wine Speak we ask for a list of industry peers who you recommend for our roster. Should unforeseeable circumstances arise, we will take your recommendations into consideration when searching for a replacement speaker to appear in your absence. Your full cooperation is appreciated. It is necessary to communicate your cancellation with us first so that we may properly relay this to the client. Having a list of substitutes lined up will hopefully provide a solution to the unfortunate circumstances. Your contract will outline details around cancellation in full.

What if the client expectedly cancels their event?

We understand that each speaker has their own speaking policy. It is in our interest to work with the client to reschedule to a new date if feasible. Each contract and circumstance will vary.

Can I promote the event on social media?

Each engagement will vary. We will check with the event planner and pass along details. We appreciate you checking in first. Along the lines of social media, it is never acceptable to criticize an event or host publically or through social media channels. This is a line item in the contract and likewise also noted for event organizers as well.

Is Food Wine Speak open for communication and feedback?

Absolutely! We are here for you, to work with you, collaborate on projects, and welcome your feedback and input. Reach out to us at any time.

Can I share Food Wine Speak with others in the industry?

YES! Please do. We welcome referrals. Once we launch, please actively share Food Wine Speak with friends, family, colleagues, service providers and anyone who could both host an event or join our distinguished roster of experts.

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