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Intellectually nourishing speakers, experts, and experiences.


Our Dedicated Team of Tastemakers

Food Wine Speak is a premier speakers’ and experts’ bureau that connects event and meeting planners with connoisseurs.

Our team has years of industry experience in hospitality, working with celebrity and top chefs, supporting winemakers, artisan purveyors, and organizing events. Our elite roster of speakers and experts include world-renowned wine critics, master sommeliers, ciceroni, vintners, food writers, cookbook authors, accredited chefs, and beyond. As masters of their craft, these professionals can deliver intellectually nourishing talks to big or small audiences. They will surely educate, inspire, and engage your event guests.

Under the leadership of Orly Jaffe, we deliver more than just inspirational talks. We also help the farm-to-table social movement and serve as seeds to satisfy the community.

Our Services

When you need experts to speak at your events, deliver keynote addresses on topics such as food trends, sustainable farming, or entertain your audience on subjects such as coffee roasting, cocoa harvesting, or impart wisdom on wine tasting and beyond, look no further than our group. We will go the extra mile to ensure that your guests can enrich their knowledge and gain a deeper appreciation of the industry.

Trust us to connect you with the right the right experts and artisans who can deliver customized presentations suitable to your corporate or social gathering. We tailor speaking engagements for any of the following:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Fundraising Events
  • Nonprofit / Benefit Events
  • Private Soirées
  • University Lectures
  • Team Building Events
  • Appreciation Programs

Reach out to us to set up an appointment or for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.


At Food Wine Speak we are here to help pair the best speakers with your event. Speaking engagements vary in many ways including objectives, structure, and length but they all have one thing in common - the opportunity to provide enrichment. Whether it’s for a corporate event, conference, non-profit or private party, and whether you eat to live or live to eat, the subject of food and drink should be satisfying for all.

KEYNOTES: We help pair the best speaker with your engagement to add value to and address the key themes of your event.

SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS: Seminars and workshops allow for a more in-depth look at a select topic. A mini course that lasts half to a full day or even over the course of several, FWS Experts have deep knowledge to help your audience grow.

MODERATORS: Moderators ensure your event runs smoothly. Project management skills helps these speakers facilitate and guide talks.

PANELS: If you’re looking to organize a panel of professionals around food, wine, beer, or coffee, look no further. Select from a distinguished list of diverse individuals.

EXPERTS: At Food Wine Speak we are here to help you source experts who can advise on all your food, wine, beer and spirits needs. Whether you’re looking to build your wine portfolio, create a chef-grade kitchen or learn one-on-one tricks of the trade, give us a call to get started.

EXPERIENCES: For small businesses looking to drive more foot traffic, or private events looking to pair a tantalizing menu with libations to entertain the palate, our specially-crafted experiences will help you create a memorable event that will have guests looking forward to more.

What You Can Expect

Intriguing Industry Individuals

World-Renowned Expertise

Compelling Industry Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of speakers and experts can I find at Food Wine Speak?

From sustainable agriculture experts to culinary historians to beer professionals such as certified Cicerones, and beyond, our roster of distinguished speakers and experts are here to serve you. Whether you’re looking for an expert on tamales or tequila, or both, we dish up the industry’s most interesting educators who can enrich any experience and inspire you and your audience with intellectually nourishing talks.

This is my first time booking a speaker, where do I begin?

At FoodWineSpeak we are here to help you, give us a call. We’ll start with a conversation so we can find out all the details about your event or meeting. We’ll ask about your audience size and profile, budget range, date, location, and objectives. Our goal is to understand your needs and pair the best speaker with your program.

How much do speakers cost?

Speaker fees are different for each speaker, and pricing varies by group, event type and duration. Domestic or international round-trip airfare, ground transportation, overnight accommodations and incidentals are calculated and billed separately. Our roster of speakers and experts includes a host of diverse talent in all price ranges. For current pricing and fees contact us at (415) 570-9950 or email to get started.

Are you accepting pro-bono requests?

Unfortunately, no, however check back as this may be subject to change for select speakers.

What is the process to book and reserve a speaker?

Once you select a presenter for your event, we will reach out to them with an invitation to your program. Upon their confirmation, we will then issue you a contract. A standard 50% deposit and a signed contract is required to reserve the speaker or expert for your engagement. The remaining balance is due prior to the presentation. Expenses for travel and other incidentals will be billed after.

Do you coordinate travel arrangements?

Most speakers prefer to handle travel arrangements on their own. Prior to your engagement date we will keep you in the loop and share a copy of your presenter’s detailed travel itinerary.

Is there a fee for using Food Wine Speak’s services?

When booking a speaker, our fee is contained in the speaker’s fee. As a benefit to our valuable prospects and clients, at no charge, we provide tailored recommendations based on your needs and consulting services so that your program is paired with the best presenter for your goals.

What other services do you offer?

Our organization provides more than just access to great speakers. Food Wine Speak can also connect you with Experts, such as a wine critic who can help you build your personal wine portfolio, or a seasoned chef who can provide personal or group instruction. We also offer Experiences which pairs experts and venues to create a memorable program. For more details on Experts and Experiences, connect with our team we look forward to working with you!

Why work with Food Wine Speak? Can I just contact a speaker direct?

Searching for a speaker is a considerable time investment even for seasoned event planners. Celebrity chefs, best-selling cookbook authors and personalities can be a heavy financial investment for many organizations. Knowing which professionals in the food, beverage and hospitality industry are suitable for speaking engagements, knowledge of varying speaker rates and availability requires insider knowledge. Demanding schedules often means outside enquiries can be missed. Our experience and personal relationships with industry professionals opens doors to diverse talent you wouldn’t have imagined possible. We put our insider access to work for you. We are here to make your job easier, work with your budget and pair the best presenter with your engagement. Audiences are hungry for enrichment and memorable moments. Whether the subject is food, wine, coffee, beer or beyond, as the premiere bureau for epicureans, our speakers will inspire your guests while serving up food for thought.

How far in advance should I secure a speaker?

This varies by organizations and groups. Most organizations book their speakers four to six months in advance of their event. Annual conferences tend to book their talent even further out, often nine to twelve months prior. Likewise, high-demand speakers with heavy travel schedules also tend to book their schedule far in advance. To help alleviate the guesswork, give us a call and we’ll get you going.

We need a speaker or expert for next week’s event, is it too late?

We love a challenge. It is possible to secure and place a speaker or expert in a moment’s notice. If this is the circumstances, reach us at your earliest convenience and we’ll see how we can help.

What if my speaker has to cancel because of an emergency?

We work hard at planning and put our minds to resolving unforeseen challenges. Usually we are able to find a replacement presenter for you. Fortunately, cancellations are very rare. The cancellation policy does vary by speaker and will be clearly outlined in your contract. Certainly we’ll always work with you to strive for the best possible outcome.

Can I audio or video tape the presentation?

Many speakers do allow media capture at no additional charge though require written permission prior to the event. Some presenters do not wish to be taped at all. Others may charge an extra media fee. Permission varies by speaker and the purpose of the recording. If you are interested in taping or recording the presenter, communicate this with our team when reviewing speaker requirements and it will be included in the contract.

I’m trying to locate a speaker or expert not on your roster, can you help?

We are here to work with you. Let us know if you have a particular presenter in mind or a particular topic related to the food, drink, agriculture, nutrition, or hospitality industry and our relationships will help source candidates for your program. Also check back to see new presenters who have been added to the roster.

If you have additional questions, we are more than happy to help. Contact us at or give us a call at (415) 570-9950. We look forward to working with you.


Our mission is to deliver intellectually nourishing speakers, experts and experiences for any program, event or special occasion and make it memorable.



Relationships. Customers, talent, partners—people matter most, relationships are the foundation of our business. We endeavor to treat everyone with honor and respect for the most positive experience all-around.

Communication. We are dedicated to sharing and embracing information and conversations with a smile. Beginning with genuinely listening to and understanding our customer’s needs, to articulating solutions and possibilities, to crafting experiences and sharing expertise, our team and talent are committed to ensuring clients receive clear, timely, friendly and professional communication at all times.

Passion. A key ingredient that drives our purpose and creativity, passion is what motivates us to serve customers, represent our industry and serve up enthusiasm and excellence. We hope to not just deliver intellectually nourishing talks but also inspire and infuse occasions with excitement.

Knowledge. It’s all about sharing and inspiring. From encouraging curiosity, to piquing inspiration, to imparting wisdom, knowledge is the pièce de résistance of our business, and we are constantly in pursuit of more to share more.

Dedication. With a roll-up-our-sleeves philosophy, we are committed to our customers and partners to deliver positive and memorable experiences. We take a bird’s-eye view all the way down to vitally important details to understand our customer’s needs and execute on them, and follow through until mission accomplished.

Integrity. We do what we say we do; we believe and practice transparency and honesty at all times. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards. Our business and reputation depend on it.


Our vision is to be the one destination for customers to find all of the outstanding professionals in the food, drink, and hospitality community who can deliver food for thought. We endeavor to be a catalyst for new and intriguing ideas by connecting you with speakers who inform, inspire and engage.


Why Choose Us

While other agencies provide business and motivational speakers, we deliver a different topic. We are dedicated to passing on our proficiency in hospitality, culinary and beverages and apply that knowledge to everyday business practices and tantalize the mind with engaging stories. Being one of the few companies that offer such, we strive to further enhance our knowledge and fulfill your need for distinguished food and drink speakers.

Make your conference, seminar, or any other program about the food and beverage industry even more educational. Book one of our experts today to speak at your event!

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